Simplified Curriculum Vitae

2004 - ­2007 Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara triennium

2004 - ­2010 Marble School

2007­ - 2010 Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara spacialization

2016 Subvention from Yoshino Foundation of Art


2008 Portrait of Marchetti : Collection of a Chiesa della Martella in Matera

2009 Bust of Giuseppe Di Vittorio : Labor Union of Stonemason in Torano

2012 Bust of Pope San Benedetto XVI : Vatican

2013 Bust of a Japanese : Hidden place

2015 Exhibition at Galerie Yoshii in Paris


2009 La Nazione, Il Tirreno

2012 La Nazione, Il Tirreno, documentary program

“The words of marble - The life of a sculptress Kunie Fujiyoshi"

2013 TBS radio “Radio nandesukedo”, TBS radio “Radio purple”

2014 Magazine “Sakurano Tomo”, Magazine “SCHOOL”

2015 Il Tirreno, Magazine “Sangyo Shincho”, Kansai TV program

2016 JAL Magazine "Agora"


2014 Lecture at Tokyo University Of Arts

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